Anti-revoke method

Last update: August 12, 2020

You got a warning saying "Untrusted Enterprise Developer"? This is done by Apple, not the developer of the app. They revoke certificates from unofficial apps, leaving you having to reinstall everything every few days, weeks or months.
Untrusted certificate
If we block Apple servers there will be no more revokes. There are alternatives such as but we're not sure if they are 100% safe and if they save our data. Here we have an alternative, it should work on the latest iOS versions (iOS 11, 12, 13, 14...):

Step 1

Download and install DNSCloak from the App Store.

Step 2

Download and save file to your Files app.

Step 3

Open DNSCloak and tap here:
Then go to "Blacklists & Whitelist", enable "Blacklist" and select the file block.txt (the one we downloaded on the step 2).

Step 4

Go back to the home of the app and search your favorite DNS Server (eg: Cloudflare, Google...) and tap on "User this server"; allow the VPN setting and it should start working! If it doesn't, clean Safari data on settings.

Credits: TuTubox.

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