PC method

Last update: August 12, 2020

With a computer you can sign your apps without deleting them. You need a computer first to follow the post. We will be using a Windows computer but you can also follow MacOS tutorial on AltStore's website.

Step 1

Download AltStore from altstore.io. If you don't have iTunes and iCloud installed, download the latest version of iTunes and iCloud directly from Apple (not the Microsoft Store).

Step 2

Open the .exe and complete the installation.

Step 3

After installation, open AltStore. Connect your iDevice and it will appear on your "control center" like the image:

Step 4

Enter your Apple ID credentials (recommended not to use your main account).

Step 5

If everything is ok, it will install Altstore on your iDevice. Go to your iDevice settings, go to general, profiles and device management and tap on trust.

Step 6

Now you can import your .ipa's to AltStore and install it without any problems. You might need to enter your Apple ID again.

Computer method Jailbreak method
Anti-revoke method